On the Ithaca Commons

We are sad to announce that we are closing.  
It's been a great run these 20 years.
We have LOVED working with you and being part
of this wonderful downtown.


Dear friends,


It’s been a great run – 20 years.  I’m sorry to see it end, especially so abruptly.  Unfortunately, living in a world that is dealing with a Pandemic makes keeping this business going impossible.

My biggest concerns around closing have been for the people this impacts.  I’ve done all I can to make sure that my “family” will be taken care of. 

Because your mailbox is a “Private Mail Box”, the US Postal Service will not accept a change of address form from you.  You will have to change your address with the people who send mail to you.  In the meantime, we are taking steps to have all of our/your mail sent to:

Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office at 206 Dryden Road, Ithaca.  (yes, Collegetown). 

Marty Johnson is a wonderful, collaborative store owner who has worked in the shipping business for most of his adult life.  His website is:  www.unclemartysoffice.com

Marty will be the custodian of your mail.  He will ask for ID before he will give you mail – until he gets to know you.  If you want to officially transfer your PMB to Marty, he would be delighted to work with you long term.  You would have to fill out a new USPS 1583 form with ID to make it official. 

If you are paid ahead, please contact me to make arrangements for refunds.  It might be a statement of the obvious to tell you that cash is definitely an issue for me right now, but I will do all I can to treat each of you fairly.   

This is so hard – I’ve LOVED working with you all.   Keep well in these scary times. 


With the warmest regards,


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