Best Practices

  1.  Address verification in the shipping software confirms addresses

  2. Customers are asked to review address information on their receipt

  3. A signature is required for delivery of all packages valued over $1,000.

  4. High value items are photographed before and during packing.

  5. Tracking numbers are emailed to the sender.

  6. Customer packed boxes are inspected, old labels are covered, peanuts are added if there is empty space in the box, and all seams are taped.

  7. Items that are considered “special handling” (ie suitcases) get an extra shipping label tucked inside.

  8. Items to be packed are kept together with their paperwork, and separate from other customers’ items.

  9. Only one customers’ items are packed at a time.

  10. Small items are wrapped so that they don’t get lost in the peanuts.

  11. The packing area is double checked after each package is complete, to be sure nothing was overlooked.

  12. Separate holding areas are set up for FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, and Postal Services packages.

  13. The package holding areas are “swept” at the end of the day to be sure all packages have been picked up.

  14. Items or packages left in the store unclaimed for six months will be considered abandoned.

 15. In the event of damage to contents of a shipped box, keep the box and packing           materials until the claim is settled.  Take digital photos of the box and materials,           as well as the item.  The Pack n Ship Store will handle the damage claim with the         insurance carrier.  If a claim is for replacement cost, the item in question must             be surrendered to complete the claim settlement. 

 16. This is not a complete list of all company policies and practices.  

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